Do Water Skis Have a Weight Limit? Explained Simply

Do Water Skis Have a Weight Limit Explained Simply

Water skiing is a sport that is simple for many beginners to master, but it also gives experienced skiers the chance to try new tricks and stunts.

When it comes to picking the right water ski, your weight might affect your choice. Many people wonder, however, if water skis have a weight limit.

Do water skis have a weight limit? Water skis do have a weight limit. Your body weight should determine the size of the water skis you need. You will need water skis that can support your body weight and can keep you balanced.

Choosing the right size of water skis can make or break your water skiing experience. Keep reading to learn more about how your weight affects your choice of water skis.

Do Water Skis Have a Weight Limit?

As mentioned earlier, there is no specific weight limit for water skis. Your body weight determines how well your water skis are going to perform.

For each body weight, there is a specific size of water ski that is made. Using anything smaller or bigger might make your experience uncomfortable.

It is important to weigh yourself before looking for new water skis. When purchasing or renting water skis, you will usually be guided by a professional with a size chart, which we will also mention below.

How Your Weight Affects Your Choice of Water Skis

Your weight heavily affects your choice of water skis. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First, the surface area of your skis needs to be the right size to be able to hold your body weight and keep you floating above the water.

Another thing that comes into play is balance. Being able to balance your body above water can be tricky, especially if you are a beginner. Having the right size of skis can help with balance as well as stability.

Another factor that can affect your choice in correspondence to your weight is the speed of your boat. As a beginner, you will typically want a pair of skis that are wide enough for you to be able to balance your body when your boat is moving at higher speeds.

Water Ski Size Chart

Below, we have included a helpful water ski size chart to make your purchasing or renting experience a lot easier.

Weight Size at Boat Speed
(30-34 MPH)


Size at Boat Speed
(34-36 MPH)
Under 110 lbs. 61”-64” 61”-64”
105-120 lbs. 61”-64” 61”-64”
115-140 lbs. 61”-66” 63”-66”
135-160 lbs. 63”-66” 63”-66”
155-180 lbs. 66”-69” 66”-69”
175-200 lbs. 68”-72” 66”-70”
200+ lbs. 68”-75” 68”-72”


What Type of Water Skis Should Heavy Water Skiers Use?

Some heavy water skiers might think it is difficult or even impossible to find the right type of water skis for them. However, there are plenty of types of water skis that heavier water skiers can use.

Heavy water skiers should choose a wider type of skis that are able to hold their feet firmly and hold their body weight with ease and provide them with the right balance.

They should also go for ones that are the correct size by using the water ski size chart above.

It is recommended to use combo pairs or trainer skis for heavy skiers. This type of water ski is great for heavy skiers because they are wide enough for them to be comfortable on, especially if they are inexperienced.

Slalom skis are also a good option; however, you should not opt for them if you are a beginner skier. Heavier skiers with a lot of experience know how to use slalom skis and are able to balance their weight perfectly with this type of skis.

It is also important to know that you can become an advanced water skier if you are on the heavier side. There are many water skis that are made specifically for heavier body types for all kill levels. All it takes is some practice and the right type of water skis.

The Best 5 Water Skis for Heavy Skiers

We have come up with a list of five of the best water skis for heavy skiers.

Some are great for beginners, while others are great for more advanced water skiers.

1.   CWB Connelly Big Daddy Waterski

The CWB Connelly Big Daddy waterski is the perfect option for heavier water skiers. They contain durable, high-quality materials that make these skis easy to use and can carry over 220 lbs of weight. They are best used by advanced skiers.

2.   Rave Sports Rhyme Adult Combo Skis

As mentioned earlier, combo skis are some of the best options for heavy skiers. The Rave Sport Rhyme adult skis are a great combo option. They have a wide width and are made of high-quality materials. They also have adjustable bindings that make them super comfortable for heavy skiers.

3.   Airhead’s S-1300 Combo Skis

The Airhead’s S-1300 is one of the more versatile options for heavy skiers. This is because they allow skiers of all skill levels to use and be comfortable. They are sturdy and durable and contain really comfortable bindings that will ensure the safety and comfort of heavier water skiers.

4.   O’Brien Vortex Combo Adult Skis

These water skis are for heavier water skiers that care about speed. These skis have a double tunnel base design that makes it easier for heavier water skiers to speed on them. The O’Brien Vortex combo skis are wide enough to hold up to over 200 lbs of weight.

5.   HO Blast Combo Skis

If you are a heavier beginner water skier, the HO Blast combo skis are a great option for you. Combo skis are naturally easy to learn water skiing on for anybody, but this particular pair is great for heavy skiers as well. They also contain wide foot sizes that are adjustable and comfortable.

There are plenty of other water skis on the market that are made for heavier skiers. Choosing the right one depends on how well know you know how to ski and what you are comfortable with the most.

Related Questions

What Water Ski Size is Best for a 10-Year-Old?

A good size of water skis for a 10-year-old would be about 61″-64″. Children usually go at low speeds, as low as 30 mph. The size does not change for children because their bodies are too small to handle bigger sizes of water skis.

Can a Heavy Skier Use Slalom Skis?

Heavy skiers can use slalom skis; however, it is only recommended for more experienced water skiers. For beginner water skiers, slalom skis can be hard to use, no matter their size. Heavy skiers should use combo or trainer water skis for easier, more comfortable water skiing journeys.

Are Shorter Water Skis Easier to Use?

Shorter water skis are easier to use for people who have experience in water skiing, such as intermediate or experienced skiers. This is because these types of skis are usually harder to control. They might be faster, but it is not worth the risk if you are a beginner.

Are Wider Water Skis Better?

Wider water skis are better for stability, making it easier for water skiers to stand up when they are initially pulled out of the water. Wider water skis are also better for beginners and heavier water skiers.

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